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Dextreme Waterproof Fire Starter Pouch 100 Pcs

Dextreme Waterproof Fire Starter Pouch 100 Pcs

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  • SAFEST WAY TO LIGHT FAST ANY FIRE – Dextreme firestarter makes starting a fire super easy, it lights any fire from 0.5 to 3 seconds, just light the corner of the sealed sachets similar to lighting an ordinary candle and it slowly builds in density a unique and controlled flame, the pouch is designed as the “wick” and burns away leaving no waste behind
  • 100% WATERPROOF – Our individually packaged pouches are simply compressed oil, an environment-friendly foil, this formula is what makes it water resistant, and lights in all weather conditions, even the most severe weather such as rain, snow, or high winds. and will remain lit even while floating on water
  • NO ODOR, NO SMELL, NO CHEMICALS, NON TOXIC – Dextreme fire starter is a proprietary blend of all-natural paraffin wax which are safe and efficient, no harmful substances or unpleasant odor, safe for indoor or outdoor use
  • LONG BURNING TIME – Our proprietary formula charcoal starter is engineered to sustain an intense flame that can reach 8 to 13 inches in height, while producing a continuous burn time of up to 10 minutes, at a heat temperature over 750°, If you need a longer burn time, simply add more pouches
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR - The best and safest way to light a fire, can be used for fire starters for Fireplace - charcoal chimney starters - bbq barbecue grills Charcoal Starter - Wood fires - Fire pit - fire starters for Campfires - camping fire starters - Bonfire - Wood burning stove - Outdoor Camping - Smoker - Wood pellets – Backpacking - Survival Fire Starter
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Customer Reviews

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Great for fire pit

These were great to start a fire pit. Small and compact so easily stored. Great value given how many you get in a container.

Convenient and Effective - Impressive!

These fire starters are amazing! Each fire starter is an individual packet that measures about 2" square and 1/8" thick. They don't have an outer wrapper - they are essentially just a plastic pouch with some thick white waxy contents (kind of reminds me of taffy - but don't try to eat it!). The wrapper is pretty durable and doesn't seem affected by water so you don't need to worry too much about how you store and carry them.

Usage couldn't be simpler - just place a packet where you want to start your fire and then light the packet. The wrapper ignites easily and once the white contents catch fire, it will have a steady, controlled burn for nearly 5 minutes. The fire is strong and does not blow out. As the packet burns, it doesn't generate any embers or ash at all. During the majority of the burn, the flame is about 5"-6" tall and generates plenty of heat - this should be plenty to get your charcoal or campfire started. These firestarters burn really clean and do not generate any strong or noxious fumes - pretty much just like a candle, but with a much stronger flame that won't blow out with the wind.

Nick Oldmeadow
Started even my green wood

I went to a camp site at a national park that required using local wood for your fire. The first night I tried using two packets and didn't understand why I didn't get a roaring fire.

The second night I used three to start and eventually added three more packets to get the wood going. I don't view this as a flaw. The packets work as described, just don't be overly ambitious.

In any case, they are easy to haul and light instantly. With their small size you can take far more than you'll need without a weight penalty on your pack.

Decent Kamado starter

Until now I have always started my Kamado using a heat gun. Mine is starting to wear out and I don't really like standing around babysitting it either so I decided to give these a shot. I was concerned when I saw that you just light the plastic packaging to get them started but decided to trust that they are food safe. They lit quickly, burned hot, and didn't seem to leave any concerning residue. By the time they were fully consumed the charcoal was burning just fine on its own. I did notice that the heat gun gets the coals hotter, faster because of the additional airflow that this approach doesn't have. I can't say I'm completely converted to this method as I still prefer the heat gun.

As far as starting campfires they are a great alternative to paper or cardboard which is my typical starting fuel. I threw a handful in my vehicle for emergency situation

Love them for emergencies

These are nice to have everywhere. I like preparation (not in a crazy way), and these are a great to have in a car, RV, truck, etc. I used one to test, and it it simply a little flame, which is perfect. That they come in a 100-pack should tell you what kind of flame you'll get. They are for emergencies...I would ever use to start a campfire as that would be kind of foolish, but these are exactly as described. You never know!