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Dextreme Tumbleweed Natural Fire Starters

Dextreme Tumbleweed Natural Fire Starters

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SAFEST WAY TO LIGHT FAST ANY FIRE – Dextreme fire starters make starting a fire super easy, it light any fire from 0.5 to 3 seconds, just light the corner of the firestarter and it slowly builds in density a unique and controlled flame.

NO ODOR, NO CHEMICALS, NON TOXIC, 100% NATURAL – Dextreme fire starter is a proprietary blend of all-natural wax and wood wool which are safe and efficient, have no harmful substances or unpleasant odor, safe for indoor or outdoor use.

LONG BURNING TIME – Our proprietary formula is engineered to sustain an intense flame that can reach 6 to 10 inches in height, while producing a continuous burn time of up to 10 minutes, at a heat temperature of over 750°.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR - The best way to light a fire. Can be used for a Fireplace - Barbecue Grill - Charcoal Starter - Wood fire - Fire pit - Campfire - Bonfire - Wood burning stove - Outdoor Camping - Smoker - Pizza Oven - Wood pellets – Backpacking - Survival Fire Starter.

EXCELLENT GIFT - These fire starters are an excellent gift for your husband or neighbor. Firestarters simplify the process of kindling fire as much as possible. Now you don’t have to use paper, harmful liquids, or electric devices.

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Customer Reviews

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I bought these so that when we go camping we'll be able to start a fire really quickly and I am not disappointed in these. I actually used one for my fire pit earlier today just to see how well they work... it works super fast. And you can use these just about anywhere you plus you can put him in an emergency kit. They're going to be so useful. I really like them. I will give this a 5 out of 5.

These make lighting a camp fire super easy

These starter bundles light very easily and burn for about 10 minutes each. You'll still want to set it under some kindling rather than directly trying to light a larger log, and you may choose to use a couple at a time to help get things going.

Super easy and works great to start charcoals!

Just what I need to start the charcoals of my big green egg super easily. Only one is enough to get the charcoal lit. I love the fact that it's all natural food grade wax so there is no chemical and it doesn't change the flavor of my food. They also light very quickly and burn for a long time. I will definitely buy more in the future.


Won’t let you down!


perfect starters for my pizza oven. these work well