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Dextreme Fire Plugs Fire Starting Tinder

Dextreme Fire Plugs Fire Starting Tinder

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  • WATERPROOF, WINDPROOF, AND FAILPROOF – Withstands Extreme conditions, perfect for extreme backpackers & campers, everyday hikers, or anyone that wants to stay warm in a survival condition.
  • LONG LASTING – Each Plug burns for more than 5 minutes. They are odorless and non-toxic. These fire plugs fire starters are perfect for emergency situations that need cooking or creating a fire.
  • EASY TO START – Bend and break the plug in half, light the exposed end with a ferro rod and it will quickly start burning allowing you to build a warm strong fire. Made with non-toxic and food-grade ingredients and safe to use in your grill or wood stove.
  • 30+ YEAR SHELF-LIFE – The fire starter has a long-lasting expiration date opened or unopened and will not evaporate, deteriorate, or dissipate, designed to light up every time. Need to be kept in dry storage to extend its life. So they will always be your best companion for emergency situations!
  • MADE IN NORTH AMERICA – Our products use locally sourced materials and are tested in extreme conditions. The satisfaction of our client is our priority, that's why you have a period of 30 days to get a full refund if you aren't convinced!
  • NON-TOXIC FOOD SAFE - Made with no toxic ingredients and safe to use in your grill or wood stove.
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Customer Reviews

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Nick E.
Efficient, reliable, portable

These work just as they claim and are a great addition to any camping or emergency bag.

Work great, super lightweight

Tried these out in a very wet, rainy day. These work great. Using one, no need to add more, I had good burn time which was enough to start up the tinder and keep it going even in light sprinkles of rain. As long as you have dry tinder, this is a great way to start a fire. It does work better if you twist the pellet as they suggest, and spark or use your match right against the more open fiber.

I love how lightweight and compact these are, the whole bag weighs just under a quarter pound (about 100 grams). And on most trips you will not need an entire bag either, just figure out how many campfires you'll need and add a couple extra just in case. It comes in packaging with a very good reseal which helps keep out moisture.

Much more lightweight than homemade firestarters made with wax and lint and work great. Adding to my camping supplies.

Juan Miguel
Perfect little survival fire starters

I ordered the aluminum tins off Amazon and was able to fit 37 plugs in one tin. It’s very windy today and it was easy to start and it held a constant flame for about five minutes with no cover whatsoever. This is a great item for camping or to add to your go bag. They’re really not hard to pull apart, but if your hands aren’t strong enough, use your lighter or feral rod to soften the plug.

Great fire starters

I got these mainly for my son who loves to do outdoor activities.
Including camping and hiking and sometimes having campfires.
However, due to the weather or materials or whatever reason, it is not always easy to start a fire.
We tested these out the other day.
We only used two of them and they lit very easily and created a substantial fire in our fire pit.
I was actually very impressed as it did not take long at all and it was super easy.
Once the fire caught on, it burned for a while simply because of these fire starters.
I highly recommend them and I'm not even sure you would need two of them to use but that's what we decided to try out.

Great firestarter plugs

I know they look like cheese puffs but they are not. I promise these are however pretty good fire starters. They come in a resealable bag and that is super handy when it comes to these things. There are others on the market that once you open the bag they have to be used up before they become useless. This brand thought of everything.
They spark up quickly and does a good job.